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Life coaching is a way to get expert support on some of life’s most challenging decisions. You have dreams, goals, and passions, but you’re stuck! At Target Life Group, we help business owners, individuals, and families, clear the roadblocks that impede on your success. 

Get a Reset on your drive

Time to Get a Fresh Start


Together we'll create clear, obtainable, and specific goals.

Research - Testing

Discover the 'why' and 'how' you do what you do.

Find a solution

Alone you may not achieve, but you have the resources within you, now you get the bonus of support.


Become transformed through this process. Every session kick starts you closer to your dreams.

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What Does Coaching Do for Me?
Types of Clients we Work With...

Bring positive change in your life. Together we will discuss, create action plans, and discover your passion which will lead to your purpose. Find out your why?

Growing businesses, start-ups, and itching entrepreneurs will unlock the goals needed to take your dream to the next level. Design business plans, action plans, events, and marketing. Remove stumbling blocks and obstructions that dwindle your full potential. 

Those in transition or having career hiccups can maximize the skills already within, to no longer just be ambitious or an individual that ‘has potential’. You’ll be the person you want to be.  

Support means everything. Healthier, happier, you. 


We make it right to guide your business in a proper way.

$45 30-minute Sessions

$90 1-Hour sessions

Business Deluxe

$ 499.99* monthly


our Relationship with clients has caused quite a lot of positive feedback!

“The conversation we had was extremely helpful and was 100% needed. I've never felt this happy and relief before in my life, speaking with someone who deeply understands my situation and knows how to help and improve my motivation to continue to succeed in life and seek better opportunities. 


“Thank you, Frank! It's a difficult time, but I know I'm on the right track. I really appreciate your care."

Business Owner | Artist

“Thank you for being my village!!! I couldn't be who I am right now on this day without you!"

Real Estate Entrepreneur

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